Tibetan Actor Danzi Daji sing for Boccia Athletes

Jakarta, 23 juli 2021, 

Danzi Daji is Tibetan actor .He is known for his role in film Melting, The Story of  Red Army ,Summer Bones,I am a zombie and Climbers and he play role as Tibetan Climber teams.

Climbers is 154.3 million USD film by Daniel Lee . Four members of China Everest Climbing Commando are attacking the most difficult second step of Mount Everest .Even just small role but he loves this opportunity that can participate in this film. 

He was born in Ganzi Sichuan in 1996. His hobby is dancing and singing,riding horse  and enrolled in the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

He is hard working new generation Tibetan actor .He won the prize for 'Mr Suit 'competition ,then he came alone  Tibet to Shanghai for his dream. He successfully started his first Tv series When She Fell in Love, Full Time Master,Doomed. 

In 2021 ,Vivichen (young generation China movie producer ) invite him to sing non profit song "Will to Heal"

"I am so glad can be part of this charity project to sing for Boccia athletes " Danzi said.

Natalia Tjahja (founder Maria Monique Lastwish Foundation) tell her good Japanese friend Maki Starfield (award winning artist) about her heart to look for Chinese beautiful heart singer to sing "Will to Heal".

Natalia is the song writter of the song "Will to Heal"and she believe God always lead her miracle journeys .

"Faith met her with Wuqiang and Vivichen thru a text message " said Natalia.

Wuqiang is a legend Chinese singer with his famous song Ji Shi Xin Le(At this Moment) and Mo Sheng Ren (Stranger).

He started his singing journey in 1984 till now.He play with guitar literally and he is also famous painter (Chinese painter to participate in British-France Cultural Exchange Activities.

Beautiful heart Vivichen also invite six years old talented Shanghai singer Ruby. 

China generations will sing "Will to Heal" .Wuqiang,Danzi Daji and Ruby will do  recording in in a studio music in Shanghai in near time this year.

" The song Will to Heal dedicate for Boccia athletes that they are happy to meet their boccia friends all over the world " said Natalia.

Hope that the song can support Boccia Asian Para Games 2022

Beam Voranan Bhirombhakdi (First winner American Protege 2018) did the song's recording  "Will to Heal" in 2018 to support Boccia Asian Para Games 2018.

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Unknown mengatakan...

Hi Danzi & Wu Qiang

Thank you for your support and kindness. 💪💪❤❤

Boccia Athlete from Singapore,

Tan Yee Ting, Jeralyn.

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