S for E , theme song of 11th ASEAN Para Games Solo in English Version

Jakarta, 13 Juli 2022, 

Indonesia hosting the 11th ASEAN Para Games Solo 2022 is a very exciting thing for all of us. Since this pandemic, several Southeast Asian countries have not held APG (ASEAN  Para Games). "And there will be 2 theme songs for 11th ASEAN Para Games Solo 2022,  one in English and one in Indonesian" " said  Rima Ferdianto (Secretary General of the Indonesian Asean Para Games Organizing  Committee).

The song is in English entitled S for E. This song composed by Natalia Tjahja (Founder of the Maria Monique Lastwish Foundation) in 2011. "This song is a gift  from God so that in this world there are songs that have no commercial value"Natalia said.

Natalia contacted Rima Ferdianto three months ago  and also asked for the blessing of Senny Marbun (President of the Indonesian Paralympic Committee).  And they support 2 non-profit songs proposed by Natalia entitled "Will to Heal" and "S for E" for 11th Asean Para Games Solo 2022.

Natalia gathered singers from Indonesia and abroad and invite Dwiki Dharmawan ( music arranger ) to support the song S for E. Natalia also contacted Soe&Su and Super 8mm Studio to support the song S for E."

                            Kezia Kaithlyn 

 "I give all my heart to support National Paralympic Committee of Indonesia, Mr. Senny Marbun, Mr. Rima Ferdianto and para athletes " Natalia said.

The singers of S for E song are Delon, Kezia Kaithlyn (singer of the song "Aku Masih Memikirkanmu"), Ricardo Ryo and Yukina Mebuki (Former singer of the very popular Takarazuka Revue in Japan).

"This is a big opportunity for me that I can sing S for E as a theme song for the 11th Asean Para Games Solo. S for E is a great song, and the lyrics can make the athlete feel more spirited and grateful, so I think it's a good choice that it became the theme song for the Asean Para Games" said Kezia Kaithlyn.

 "The non-profit songs "S for E" and "Will to Heal" has fully support from Senior Colonel Dr. Wandee Tosuwan (Secretary General of the Asean Para Sports Federation," Natalia  said.

 "I'm really happy that this S for E 's music video  has the support of the  National Paralympic Committee of Indonesia ,  Paralympic Committee of The Philippines , Majelis Sukan Negara Malaysia , Singapore Disability Sports Council, Paralympic Committee of Thailand ,  Paralympic Committee of Cambodia ," she said.

 "It's great to be given the opportunity to collaborate to support para  athletes," said Delon.

"I am really shocked when i found out the song is going to be the theme song for APG 2022. When i first record the song with miss natalie and Mr Dwiki Dharmawan , i thought the song is going to be only in the Website, or the song is just for us to know. But to be this big is something special for me, and i am very thankful. I hope this song  can help a lot of people going through hard times" said Ricardo Ryo. 

"I'm happy to connect with many people all over the world through this song!" said Yukina Mebuki (.singer of song S for E)

 " I am very happy and touched. Hopefully this can be a valuable and useful contribution from Music Artists for APG XI and good luck.   I feel very honored to have the opportunity"Dwiki Dharmawan said ( music arranger of song S for E).

 The songwriter, singers, music arranger, videographers, editor, colourist and all the team involved in this video work on it voluntary and whole-heartedly.

 " I also thank to Mr. Gibran Rakabuming Raka (Chairman of Indonesia INASPOC," Natalia  said closing this interview.

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