Nur Saadah, Named The Best Inspiring Leader Ship Innovative, And Entrepreneur Women 2023 ASEAN Level ......


Jakarta, Monday 14/9/2023, 

After being named the "Best Inspiring and Creativity Women Award 2023 in the category of The Best Inspiring, Leadership, Innovative, & Entrepreneur Women 2023 ASEAN level, Ir. Hj. Nur Saadah ST., M.Si., IPU., Asean Eng, many people were invited, one of which was the Seminar on Electric Vehicles Potential & Challenges in Indonesia. 

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Mr. General (Purn) TNI Luhut, was present at the event. Binsar Panjaitan, MPA and Minister of Transportation Mr. Dr. Ir. Budi Karya Sumadi who is both the Central Executive of the Indonesian Engineers Association and an Alumni of Gadjah Mada University. 

In the dialogue session, Nur Saadah conveyed her input to the government in two matters, first for Indonesia as an electric battery producer, so that there would be financial support for domestic private companies, previously PT Saadah Mega Persada which she led with team members, the majority of whom were engineers, like Nur Saadah who had Back ground Chemical Engineering, has been in talks with South Korea to build an electric battery factory whose raw material is environmentally friendly coffee waste. 

This scheme has been implemented in the Philippines as a kind of technology transfer supported by the country's government financially and the involvement of private companies in the consortium, secondly There is also a need for government subsidies for electric batteries. So far, the government has provided subsidies for electric motorbikes and electric cars. By providing subsidies for electric batteries, the prices of which are currently still very high, it will increase people's purchasing power, thus speeding up people's switch to electric batteries. This electric battery can be used for solar lights, electric motorbikes, electric cars and solar panels. 

I once had a dialogue with a grab driver that the price of electric batteries is still high which makes them worried about switching to using an electric car if one day the battery dies and needs to be replaced, I also had a dialogue with the Regency Regional Secretary that those who originally used solar powered lights on the roads will switch back to lights from PLN. because the battery only lasts 2 years and there is a lack of understanding or skill in replacing the battery. 

This requires education to the wider community about the importance of saving the environment (the existence of Global Warming) by switching to electric batteries, a kind of education from village to provincial level, as was done when Indonesia converted from kerosene to gas, people who were initially afraid to use gas because they were afraid of it exploding now. I feel comfortable using gas. Ed

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